My husband just posted something to my Facebook wall, thanking me for being a patient and loving mother. He knows how trying the 2 year old has been and I must say I've been really good at being patient throughout the tantrums and time outs, it is what it is; totally normal! As I finish reading and replying to his post this happens:

(scene: Addi carrying around a wooden Santa statue that is as big as she is, and showing it everything throughout the house)

"See Santa, beautiful balloon"
"See Santa, Baby Jesus, no touch Baby Jesus Santa"
"See Santa, Baby Sister"
"See Santa, Mommy's toes"

....goes on for about 2 minutes and I figure it's harmless...then I hear:

"See Santa, tampons"

Of course I jump up: run to her room, only to find a sea of wrappers, string, and cotton.


Patience. *Banging head on wall*