Fast forward a week: we are doing great. Livi is a dream baby, eats all day, sleeps well at night (we wake her up at 2am for a feeding and then she's out until at least 6:30...which is when the terror (Addi) wakes up). I'm enjoying it while it lasts because babies sleep cycles change over night without any warning.

Addison is "adjusting" well. She loves her "baby sister", sometimes to a fault. She has to be constantly supervised because she loves to sneak into our room and take a peek (thankfully the double doors going into our room squeak-and will, for obvious reasons, not be WD-40'd for quite some time), by taking a peek, I really mean a poke, or touch, or squeeze, or kiss: adorable yes, terrifying absolutely. Livi did however, enjoy her first bottle (since I'm breastfeeding) today at the hands of her "big sister". They both did great; 4 ounces later a job well done by both. Nothing gets past our little live-wire and she insists on doing everything she sees us do for Livi; change a diaper, bathe her, feed her, change her clothes, etc.

Thankfully my mom has been staying with us the past two weeks and going home on the weekends. Addi of course misses her like crazy when she's gone and asks us to "call Nana please" several times a day. As soon as the novelty of the "baby sister" wears off, I'm sure Addi will be much more manageable, but for now, any and all assistance from "Nana" is greatly appreciated. Addi loves their little outings, and I love the immaculate house....just kidding, well, not really :)

Here are some pics to hold everyone over until they get their own Livi time: