As usual I seem to have completely overbooked us, but have no fear God gave me a total kick in the arse and gave this house the plague of stuffy noses, coughs, and fevers to slow us down for a while. It's amazing to me that the Roo will be totally listless on the couch and then two seconds later running around screaming, chatting, and laughing...then of course comes the inevitable melt-down. It's a vicious cycle but one that I know comes with the territory of parenting. I hardly ever get sick, especially when I'm pregnant so I am sure it's just the man upstairs saying to "slooooow it down". I heard him loud and clear, so we've been home all weekend...but off to Santa Barbara we go next weekend, my stubbornness knows no bounds :P

Livi is doing great; she's totally making herself comfortable towards my back which makes for some sleepless nights, but on the upside I don't look like a heifer this pregnancy :) (although my doc was not pleased that I gained 8 pounds in 3 weeks...but that does only make 11 overall, so I didn't feel too bad about it...I'm flat out refusing to gain the 60 I did with Addi).

Addison is non-stop talking and has several 3 and 4 word favorites that she loves to use:

"what did you do"
"what happened mama/dada"
"me go outside to play"
"me have poopoo mama/dada"
"me want bath"
"me go peepee in potty"
"wait me help you"
"you hold it mama/dada"

*Sometimes she'll use "I", or "Addi" instead of "me"

(and several more)

I'm sure it's all just hormones but I'm becoming really sad that she's become this little person that can tell me exactly what she wants and doesn't need me to guess (which, not to toot my own horn, but I was always amazing awesome at it :P ). I know, I know, we have a new one coming and I will probably be grateful that I only have to guess for one, but it still has me perpetually perplexed as to where the time has gone (not to mention how many freaking times have we actually had to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?!).

I was skeptical about Addi being ready to be a gentle big sister to Livi, but she's been around some infants lately and is such a little mommy already. She's been carrying her "baby" around and goes nuts when she sees a little baby on TV or in public and asks to hold the baby: "me hold baby".

I'm still very much enjoying being a stay-at-home mom and am eternally grateful to God for the opportunity, and Danny for being a rock star (not literally, have you heard his singing voice) and making it happen for us. I still get the itch to go back to work every once in a while, but then am brought back to reality when I get to see/hear Addi do/say something that I would have missed otherwise.

Here are some pics from the past couple weeks: (the to-be-Turcios engagement party, beach weekdays, Alex's Birthday party, Disney visits, and more) There's also a few from Livi's 3-D ultrasound in which clearly she is, at least at this point in the pregnancy (7 months), Addi's clone.