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Oh boy! What a whirlwind!! We are finally back from Laughlin/Lake Mojave. It was a great trip as usual. Danny attempted to defend his horseshoe title only to succumb to a first round loss: I was knocked out in the 2nd round by Epic (had it been anyone else but "wonderboy" I would have been very disappointed). Next year will probably be the first year we take Addi with us, she's ready, we can feel it. My Laughlin winning streak has ended: I came back a big loser for the first time in 5 years....ugh! It was an eventful week of gambling though; I actually witnessed someone (who shall remain nameless....*cough* Clark Hills *cough, double down with a blackjack (dealer was showing a 5), a play that could prove reckless or genius (unfortunately, reckless in this instance especially since he took my card, on a $40 hand....*sob*) Lucky for him, I'm very forgiving :)

Addi on the other hand was happily residing at Nana and Tata's house. Her language use is out of control, some of her favorites: "what did you do?", "open the door", "'excuse me" (following a "toot" or "burp"), and "sorry mom"! I especially love the last one; being that she is into everything, she uses it a lot.

All in all, we're looking forward to at least a week of reprieve. Visiting 4 states in 2 weeks has been a little much for us. I'm finally starting to show (6 months) and am slowly becoming more and more uncomfortable but am thankfully off bed-rest (hopefully to stay). Olivia is non-stop (God help us, but seems more so than Addison was). We're pretty sure Addi will be the little mommy type and are super surprised at how well she follows any directions we give her, always in English, and many times in Spanish. Pregnancy brain is in full force, I've already lost my phone several times (for at least a day), forgotten where I left my car, etc.... ahh God's "Master Plan" needs a revision if you ask me, I'm not approving of losing my mind and my body all at the same time ever again.

Danny took Addi (for the first time) to go watch Uncle Mat and Papa Steve fly airplanes at the air-field at 7am this morning. Needless to say, the house is now immaculate and I'm finding time to write this. Here's a picture that Mat just sent me from their post-flying breakfast.

F is for Fruition

Apparently Addi being a crab-apple the past couple of weeks was more than teething. Her pediatrician said she's grown 2 inches in 1 month (I had them check twice). Poor thing, I guess that explains all of her arm pulling and leg banging, and why she's slept 20 hours in 2 days. Our little grommet is getting too, too big!! *tears*

Last week Danny and I flew out to Montana for my cousin Dane's wedding. It was a beautiful occasion but one that truly reminded all of us how old we really are getting. It was great seeing everybody, and we're always sad to leave. Danny is back to his idea of moving out there, but I don't think I could ever go for that, we'll see...he is the boss of me after all, sort! Addi had a blast and did an amazing job as a flower girl: no one was going to rush her down the aisle (better always be like that), and she wouldn't walk on the runner because she was told not to for rehearsal (picked a great time to obey Roo), other than that she did perfectly.

Sadly it was to be my brother's last trip out to Montana for a while (he is being deployed on the 21st of September) for 6 months, keep him in your prayers. He made a plaque for my grandfather who served in World War II and mounted his bars (2 for now, 3 when he makes Capt), it was a very real and very emotional moment for all of us. Addi is more than in love with her Nino (Josh), she has finally stopped asking where he is (on the plane, in the car, around the house). They love to get each other all riled up, so adorable. As a Godparent, if something were to happen to Danny and I, Josh and Michelle promised to raise Addi, as we would have; what they did not know was that they were also signing up for: "she's outta control, take her for a week" duty!! haha!

Traveling at six months pregnant is not a cake walk, but I made the best of it (she is constantly moving and kicking, and seems more active than Addi was at this length into the pregnancy); please cooperate Livi for the next three months!! All in all we're looking forward to doing it again soon, and also looking forward to some cousins from Montana coming out in a week and a half for a visit. For now it's unpacking, and then repacking for the river next week :) Got to love summer, and family of course!!!

Our Family

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity

Colossians 3:14