Okay so it has been about six months since my last post. I actually have an excuse: we do what the little one wants to do these days, and frankly her mom being on the computer blogging clearly doesn't make the list. The holidays were amazing, the winter was relatively warm (with the exception of the Montana getaway and a few ski trips, I could probably have always gotten away with wearing my Rainbows). Addison is now 16 months old and for her 2nd birthday she'll be getting either a little brother or sister. Probably not her first choice, but the queen bee will have to learn that the best things do come in small packages (an idea her mom is still getting used to)!

My husband hasn't divorced me yet, which is amazing considering I am constantly dragging him all over this continent: I've had a yearning for adventure since I was born, and Addi doesn't seem to be any different, poor guy, he's totally in for it. Lucky for him (and more so for me) he loves to say yes to us, as long as it means making me and the little tyke happy. He is a pretty selfless guy, and definitely gets his rewards!

Nana (my grandmother) passed away on the 7th of March, a pretty big blow to all of us, but very thankful that we were able to spend a lot of quality time during her month long visit in January. She's definitely in a better place and it would be selfish to think otherwise, even though I know deep down inside we would all prefer to still have her with us, that's just me: selfish, okay, not really, but you get the point. Her services aren't until the 9th of next month but it will be nice to grieve together and have a little sense of closure and a lot of chaos that only my family can provide (and by chaos I mean a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs): the best medicine for broken hearts. Danny has been extremely supportive and I know it's been difficult for him since he has never experienced a loss before: I keep reminding myself to give credit where credit is due, and to be patient with all these new emotions that he's experiencing for the first time too: not to mention a hormonal wife and a testy 1 year old who thinks she's 16 already (judging from her prowess in saying "NO" and booty shaking).

All in all, our life is blessed, marriage is great (thanks in part to consistent getaways and family that is all too eager to babysit for extended weekends, and then some), and our daughter is absolutely amazing: God is good, and we're thankful to have this Lenten season to remind us daily!!