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After a baroque pop filled morning I feel re-energized and willing to hit the blog again. I'm not promising any witty journalism, just a recap of the past month. It seems like we have not been home in a year, really it's only been about a month but it seems like a year. A couple days home then gone, a couple days back and gone again; I'm up to my ears in packing, unpacking, and repacking and have vowed to the hubby to make no plans for at least the next month (little does he know our November, December, and January appear as though someone has bled all over our calendar...shhh, I'll break it to him easy).

It started with a weekend to visit the 'rents for my dad's birthday, followed by a trip to St. Louis, a trip to San Diego, a night in Vegas at the Hard Rock (with the grommet), and a trip to Montana.

Addi seems to be growing at an exponential rate: everyday it's a new skill or a new sound. She keeps me exhausted and always with a story to tell: she's most definitely our everything! I'm sure this holiday season will be somewhat stressful considering that both of our families could populate a small country on their own, independently of each other, and the icing on the pastry of our blended family gatherings is doing all of it with a toddler: wish us luck! Aside from all of this, Addi will be turning one in another month and I haven't even begun to figure out how to capitalize on the fact that her b-day, Danny's b-day, and Thanksgiving all fall in the same week: suggestions?! Peace be with me!!

I'll post the pics by city in blogs to follow.

September 2009 - St. Louis

October - San Diego 2009

Addi's first Barstow Del Taco experience:

The Hard Rock:

We might be

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