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I always knew I would have an active child, I just never thought I would have given birth to the flesh and bone, 23-paired chromosome variety of the Energizer bunny. She is non-stop 6am-9pm (maybe an hour to an hour and a half total nap time throughout the day). Her mischief is unreal: she knows she's going to get a reaction so she looks at you and smiles before she a) tries to pull out the socket plugs, b) pushes her play pen out of the way to try to get in the kitchen, c) opens the DVD players, d) throws her toys against the car window. It seems as if every day she discovers something else she can do that either scares us to death or makes me think I couldn't possibly handle another one. Por ejemplo, she would much rather push her walker and walk behind it than actually sit in it, which of course has accounted for some colorful designs on her body.

She has started to use the few words she knows, correctly: "dada", "mama" and "up", and imitating sounds and actions. She still only has two bottom teeth and is teething like crazy which has made for some sleepless nights, and her obsession with music is growing each and every day.

This past Saturday we took her to Broadway in the Park for a production of "Anything Goes", she literally sat there and watched almost the entire thing, taking it all in. She napped for about 30 minutes during the en'tracte and was wide awake for the rest of it. It was a late night (10:30 by the time we got home), had there not been singing and dancing, the kind citizens of Tustin would have witnessed the biggest meltdown since Chernobyl. Dan and I kept looking at her in disbelief, it was amazing to watch.

We have a big couple months coming up: A long weekend at the beach house, lots of birthdays, our second wedding anniversary, a trip to St. Louis sans Addi (she'll be in good hands though), Danny's family's extended weekend in San Diego, and a trip to Montana (all within a month and a half): we can't wait to introduce Addi to everyone up there. I'm sure Add will take off walking in the next couple weeks or so which will only make these getaways even more interesting. God is good, and keep us on our toes all while having the times of our lives :)

Here are some pictures, I'll post videos as I get them uploaded:

E is for Eight

It seems like my entries are fewer and fewer these days, not for a lack of material just the "on the go's" of a busy family I guess. It seems like Danny works all week to hang out at home on the weekend, I on the other hand hang out all week to be on the go all weekend, but we make it work, and find ourselves always busy and having a blast!

Addison is growing at an exponential rate. At her last appointment she was measured at 29" long and 20 lbs. She is constantly on the go and made piece-work out of crawling. She climbs over, under, and on top of any and everything. She tries to stand on her own with no hands but only lasts a couple seconds; we're pretty sure she'll be walking within the next two months.

She is constant entertainment, and we find it hilarious that she prefers the Spanish language (TV, music, etc) over English. I can't wait for the day she's dragging Danny to the Mariachi Festival since it's been over 3 years that we've been together and I have yet to accomplish that!

She has my obsession with music/dance and Danny's obsession with golf and basketball (she will watch it with him for an hour if we let her).

She is a total ham; it's crazy to see both Danny and my sense of humor come out of her at different times, even if it is just by expression and reaction.

Clearly she's been hanging around daddy a little too much:

Our Family

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