It seems that everyone has their feathers ruffled about the fact that America tortured prisoners. Guess what, Bravo! I do believe we are a country of laws but I'm sorry, if I had someone in my custody who I knew was already guilty of the unthinkable, I would do any and everything to get further information to save other lives, especially that of my own child, husband, family. This "war" with evil is just that, a war of evil, not a debate! A group of people giving out directives to the insane who would strap a bomb to a pregnant lady and give the order to walk onto a bus or into a crowd of people is not using any rule book, why should we. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

If you are repeatedly getting fouled over and over again and it doesn't get called by the ref, you play a little tougher, more contact cause you know chances are you're not gonna get called either, or if you do, it's justified at least to you and your team. It's human nature, end of story, end of rant.

On another note: Apple is stupid, a Baby Shaker game for the iPhone: come one! In the words of Seth and Amy from SNL: "REALLY, a game like that, REALLY?!"