The Garcia Family

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C is for Crawling

Someone is trying very hard to get around these days! Just a start, but I'm sure she'll make piecework out of it.

Frustration at its finest!

Eying the prize!

Stop for a Photo-Op!

Our daredevil:

Always on the go:


After a long day in the pool:

I heart music:

Learning to crawl, more like scooting:

It seems that everyone has their feathers ruffled about the fact that America tortured prisoners. Guess what, Bravo! I do believe we are a country of laws but I'm sorry, if I had someone in my custody who I knew was already guilty of the unthinkable, I would do any and everything to get further information to save other lives, especially that of my own child, husband, family. This "war" with evil is just that, a war of evil, not a debate! A group of people giving out directives to the insane who would strap a bomb to a pregnant lady and give the order to walk onto a bus or into a crowd of people is not using any rule book, why should we. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander.

If you are repeatedly getting fouled over and over again and it doesn't get called by the ref, you play a little tougher, more contact cause you know chances are you're not gonna get called either, or if you do, it's justified at least to you and your team. It's human nature, end of story, end of rant.

On another note: Apple is stupid, a Baby Shaker game for the iPhone: come one! In the words of Seth and Amy from SNL: "REALLY, a game like that, REALLY?!"

Addi and Harry:

Addison, Harrison, and their Great-Great Grandma-son:

Addi and her favorite friend Rocco, don't ask but apparently she loves dogs, or at least this one (he was so patient with her too, let her pull out handfulls of hair, poor little guy):


Lately, I find myself completely distracted; at the grocery store while sorting through the aisles trying to find the healthiest foodie options, I'm thinking about Adam Lambert and how I find him oddly disturbing, on a walk with Addi I'm thinking about house cleaning and laundry, at the movies with my husband I'm thinking about what I'm gonna plan for meals for the week and how much weight I still need to lose.

I guess last night while chopping onions, I should have just been thinking about chopping onions!

Happy Easter!

The Garcia family enjoying their first Easter as a family of 3:

Pretty girl in a pretty dress:

Bunny Booty:

Easter day with Nana and Tata:

On our way back to the O.C:

Easter dinner with Papa, Gigi, and cousin Harrison:

"Addi, that squash made me feel awesome!"

"Holy Huggies Harry, look what it did to your hair!"

Other Pics from Easter Week in El Centro:

"Team Daddi", I'm pretty sure I'll forever be "bad cop"

Aunt Beana feeding Addi at Puerto Nuevo on Good Friday:

Our little "chow hound""

P is for Pterodactyl

She takes her play-time VERY seriously:

I already know this is her "but moooooooooom...daddy said I could" face:

P.S: Apparently I birthed a dinosaur, (turn the volume up to hear it):

D is for Daddy

We've been debating starting Addi on Rice Cereal for some time now. I wanted to solely breastfeed her until about 6 months but then she started this teething nonsense. I talked to her pediatrician who is an advocate for breastfeeding solely until the 6 month mark then introducing solids. He did say however that there is nothing wrong with giving her rice cereal once or twice a day. The kicker was that she needed to start giving us keys that it was time. Sure enough she started watching everything that we would eat, like literally watch us eat...spoon to mouth and everything; totally took an interest in what we were doing when we were eating. So we tried it and I guess she is an amazing observer because it went off with out a hitch, no mess, no fuss.

Introduction to high chair:

Positive Assessment for hunger:

Sleepy yet satiated:

Seriously she owed me this. I'm sorry, motherhood is not all pretty flowers, calm walks on the hill trails, like a lot of mother's lie to make themselves look like the uber-mom, its more like timing your own pee breaks and teeth brushings around someone who is only 27" long and clearly has you pwnd ("owned" for those unfamiliar with techy-talk).


She has now discovered that when she talks the cereal pours out of her mouth, so just like her mom, she put it all on black and decided it's a lot more fun to giggle. I guess this is all part of "God's Master Plan" and by "Master" I mean "haha sucka, here's for laughing at the priest wash the "dishes" after communion for an hour last Sunday".

*Dear, Fr. Take-Your-Sweet-Ass-Time just drink the wine already, you taking forever does not make me want to pray any more than I already do, instead it peeves me as my breasts are slowly at this point rivaling Anna Nicole Smith - well maybe not anymore - wait does Silicone decompose? ouch)

Our Family

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity

Colossians 3:14