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Roo at the Zoo!

Shana and Brooklyn invited Addi and I to the Wild Animal Park for a day amongst gorillas hurling sticks at each other, missing meerkats, and shows pertaining to animal poop, needless to say, some we decided to take in and some we passed on. All in all it was a great day in the sun and is the best way to tire your little grommets out for a good nights rest!

"My Jungle Book dreams have come true, where's Mowgli, he's soooo dreamy!"

"All this learning makes me tired"

"The deer kept making me giggle"

Mom tried to fool me with this fake elephant, but I know that she knows that I know that she knows (ten bucks to the first person that knows what show that comes from)

Learning at the parks Discovery Center

Darn, Mom and Aunt Shana's plan worked

Girls Gone Child: Shana and I prior to hubbies and grommets, circa 2003. There are people that I know will be in my life and impacting my life forever, she is one of them:

Proper Management

Dan and I have figured out how to help Addi get through this teething phase, it's getting a little easier, day by day, but more and more expensive (her favorite thing to do is go shopping). No more crying in her sleep, and no more bits of crying and screeching at the top of her lungs all day long; still no "teeth", just little white spots waiting to break free.

Turning the jacuzzi into a baby pool (clearly I should have been nursing instead, oops):

Getting proper nutrition:

Cozy car-rides:

Yummy night-time post bath massages...which now includes gum massage:

Just being cute:

Yes, Addison is cutting teeth, not a tooth, but teeth! I have, for the past two days, been wanting to climb in a hole and have 5 minutes of serenity; there have been buckets of tears, decibels of ear piercing screams, and a lot of breathing exercises for mom. I am a firm believer that babies sense tension and I have been complemented by many on being extremely patient with our little high maintenance baby, but yesterday I found myself, for the very first time, truly overwhelmed by motherhood. It's painful to watch and perhaps even more painful to hear. Hopefully this just lasts a couple more days, and she'll have a couple, 2 for sure, possibly 3 glorious pearly whites. Clearly her days of nursing might be coming to a screeching halt, since she has already decided to play the clinch, pull, and smile/giggle at mommy when eating game for the past several weeks.

So far, Teething Tablets are the front Tylenol, no Ibuprofen, no Baby Orajel has managed as well as Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets. As for "chew toys" (Danny thinks we have a puppy I, the old-school clear bubbly rings work the best (frozen of course); I did order these nifty teething rings that fit like a pacifier all the way from England, so when I actually get them in about a week, I'll report on those. She has never used a pacifier (tried 8 different kinds), so desperation has lead me to believe that these crafty things might actually work despite her refusal of any and everything sans actual breast tissue. Other than that, distraction is by far the best medicine, i.e we've done lots of shopping (poor Daddy), lots of walking (mommy is already sporting her legendary summer tan), and lots and lots of Jungle Book (her favorite next to the can only take so much of those "colorful" Fab Four). Posted is some video and pics of our testy teething little one!

Better Days, as in Tuesday:

Like Smokey and the Miracles sang: "So take a good look at my face, you'll see my smile looks out of place, if you look closer, it's easy to trace, the tracks of my tears"

Waking Up In Better Spirits, post Teething Tablets:

Mowgli, Mowgli, and more Mowgli:

Addi had her 4 month drs appointment today, which meant shots, and the physical stats. To keep it short, Roo is:

Weight: 16 lbs 9 ozs
Height: 26 3/4"

The doctor said she looks like a very healthy 6 month old baby at 4 months; hopefully he was just talking about her eyelashes and not her waistline ;)

She pretty much spent the rest of the day swinging in our makeshift hammock and staring at the fish.

This past weekend the 3 of us headed to Big Bear for a weekend with my family (parents and sis, brother, and sis-in law). It was a great time. The 'rents babysat while the rest of us hit the slopes. Well they more like literally hit the slopes....ouch, and Dan and I pretty much hit the bar: the best Bloody Mary's on the face of the Earth, no joke!

We had a blast, ate our weight in ribs, and left super early Sunday when it started to dump snow on the mountains. We escaped right in time. Here are some pics, enjoy!

Also, if you're in the market, we have a lovely Boulder Bay property for!

Seriously, anyone who does not believe we're totally destroying this planet is crazy (cut to me filling up my not so eco-friendly car). Lately in Southern Cali the weather has been changing on a daily basis, and by the hour; from sweltering heat to freezing cold (well perhaps not sweltering when compared to the Sahara, and not freezing in comparison to the Arctic Circle): my issue is this, I'm sick, the baby is sick, my husband was sick, but that was 2 weeks ago and clearly the remnants of whatever was ailing him still exists in our household despite the Lysol, filter changes, humidifiers, etc. We are ready to move into a Biosphere, or perhaps relocate to the island that the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 now reside on (or don't, or did, or will, or who knows what, I guess that's why they call it LOST). I have mastered the art of mind over matter when it comes to feeling sick, when I have to take care of Addi the 12 hours that she's awake and ready to party like a rock-star, I can manage. The other 12 when she's sleeping, I feel like I've been run-over by a John Deere tractor painted the same color green that I've been siphoning from Addi's nose for the past 5 days.

Sorry for the abrupt end to this bitter diatribe but my husband just texted me to tell me that his underwear have been on backwards all morning, I may now need to change mine after that laugh.

The face of discomfort in slumber:

She still tries to tough it out though:

The Faker

Addi will be peacefully sleeping while I cook dinner, then the second she hears Danny's voice, she's wide-eyed and bushy-tailed:

Here are some other pics of her in her "walker" (once her feet touch the ground it'll be all over I'm sure):

My little tiburon tries to eat everything!

P.S. I think I have a crush on Anthony the Blue Wiggle, someone please help!

Hawaii in the O.C

This past weekend, Great Aunt Nani paid the mainland a visit. Here's some pics from Sunday's brunch at Casa Garcia.

Addi taking over Alex's Dora chair:
"I get by with a little help from my friends":
Alex reading Addi a story:

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