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The Process Is Over

It's been a while since my last post. Not that I haven't had lots to write about, I just haven't really wanted to, not out of sloth or absence, but out of fear. I have always prayed, as long as I can remember (good Catholic guilt upbringing I guess...kidding) but it seems as though all I find myself doing these days is praying and trying to mindfully process some recent events.

The catalyst: Friday the Thirteenth.

I was changing Addison and all of a sudden she flailed her arms back over her head jerking, stopped, then did it again, four times in a row. Seizures have been a part of my family's life now for over 19 years (my sister is epileptic). I call Danny and he meets me at the E.R. They run a series of tests, Addison was a trooper for the torture she endured (catheter, blood, CT scan, reflex tests), and that E.R doctor was definitely not House, M.D. I asked him if it could be "infantile spasms" and he said "no", then five minutes later gives me a print-out while saying "I needed to refresh my memory, so I did a little research on infantile spasms. You can take this copy with you". Why tell me "no" and then come back and basically say "I'm an a-hole and didn't want to admit I didn't know what you were talking about, but I do now and still won't address the idea of it, so I'll refer you to someone else". Long story short, it was the most traumatizing day yet as new parents, if not our entire lives. We've been referred to a pediatric neurologist, and have been told that it is a possibility that in some very alert babies, they can take note of shadows or certain sounds that we may not even realize and it could enact their startle reflex; God-willing that's all it is (EEG will give us an idea).

Addi is doing fine, as happy as ever and clearly not lacking for nutrition! Her new love: Disney's "The Jungle Book" (she loves TV but we don't let her sit in front of it too much). Danny says if Neilsen's (TV viewer stats) calls, we need to tell them we have 2.5 viewers in our household.

Tomorrow we will find out what type of cancer cells the tumor that they removed from my dad's head was. He has chronic lymphocytic leukemia and this is just another added bump in the road for us to pray about. He's in great spirits and doing well. I'll keep you updated.

Update: 2/25: My dad just called and had his appointment this morning: Amazingly my father was right and it was benign! Thank you God!

Other news: Danny bought me golf clubs for my birthday. I was super stoked, so V-Day weekend we went to visit my parents and tried them out. Being a couple of commonly making friendly wagers, he bet me that I could not drive the ball 150 yards, 10 times in a row; if I won I got all new golf gear: clothes, shoes, etc, if he won he would get new clubs. It was super windy, so he said 100 yards was fair, with 4 balls to spare before the demise of my large sized bucket of balls: SUCCESS my friends!! I celebrated with a 32 oz beer and a barbecue sauce drenched burger from our favorite burger joint.

The best news: I am officially a stay at home mom! I was going to go back to work on Monday, after having met with the Execs Friday, and we decided Sunday night it was just not right for our family. I have never been so happy and have vowed to God, my husband, and daughter to never take even one day of my new life for granted!

The Blockade

HELP! "The Chairman" (aka Addison Jae) has decided that she will refuse any bottle; regardless of who holds it, what dance you do while holding it, how cute you are, how good you smell, how well you sing or coo at her, the fact remains, sorry friend, she'd rather fast than use any of the 5 different types of bottles we now have, or the three different speeds of nipples.

Employees (clearly us) and Management (clearly her) are in the middle of a horrific strike!

This union is now taking any and all suggestions to end the standoff.

UPDATE (2/7/07): Management and Teamsters have come to an agreement. The grounds of the new contract can be described as follows:


She loves Aunt Sneezy

Addi and Harry

Being sooooooo cute!

Totally has her Nino's (Josh's) eyelashes!!

This past weekend we joined the Olivas and Huttners for a weekend getaway in the pine-filled town of Big Bear. Having a newbie (as in newborn) Danny and I stayed in and had a Will Farrell (him), Hugh Grant (me) marathon while the others went sledding and snowboarding. It was a great time filled with smores, wrestling matches amongst 5 year olds, licorice larceny, GSP beating the crap out of BJ Penn (my weekend highlight), Nudie Too Too (i.e. Makena Oliva) trying to steal my husband's attention 24-7, hair care tips from the Huttner Boys who have the sweetest hair known to man, and eating my weight in candy. All in all a great time! Thanks guys!

Danny having to change Addi's diaper in the car-she's totally laughing at him, haha!
When fashionable attire is not an option due to the weather
Our monkey and her mini-pushups
Addi watching a little UFC
Nudie Too Too in fine form
Danny's favorite moments

Our Family

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