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The 100th Post

This is dedicated to the one that helps me get through life with a smile. When my day has been long and stressful, you're there to make me feel rejuvenated and vibrant. Your scent alone is like cuddling up in a down blanket on a freezing cold day. You can brighten even the darkest day. Yes, Johnson's! Thank you!

P.S Honey, you're pretty awesome too!

Mother of the Year

Yes, that's right I am the mother of the year, that is if there was an award given to the stupidest parent on Earth: my intentions were good. I have this fear of Addi choking while she's wearing a bib and then falls asleep, especially since she's always wiggling around (actually I fear everything possible, but I guess that's normal for a new mom), so I decide to take her bib off, cute bib I know:

All of a sudden this look of utter horror comes across her face, she appeared to be screaming but no sound was coming out, then all of a sudden a wail that instantly made me start to cry and panic. I thought perhaps it was just the sound of the Velcro that might have scared her. I quickly comforted her as best as possible, she then stopped crying but had this look of distrust that made me feel worse than when she got her shots last week. It broke my heart and I still had no clue what had happened. I put her down and once she fell asleep, I placed her on the couch next to me in order to keep a close eye on our little angel, that's when I saw blood on the collar of her blouse. I unsnapped the collar to find this (please note this is the good side):

Apparently the Velcro had a very sharp edge that cut her across the base of her head, I cleaned it up, put Neosporin on it, and it seems to be doing better. Seriously, from a bib! Of course I call my mom to cry and tell her what had happened and she tells me that things like this will happen often and that the first couple cuts or bruises will be tough but that it'll get easier. Well, I still feel like a total piece of crap and am ready to write to Velcro and Carter's, and have an ice cold beer to calm the nerves, of course that would only make me a shoe in for next year's mother of the year award, so I will pass on the cerveza.Ugh!

On another note: Mom, Sorry for the 3 broken arms, twice fractured ribs, jumpings from the roof to the neighboring tree, the zip-line injuries, swallowing of Campho Phenique and other calls to Poison Control (I liked the way it smelled and thought it would taste good I guess), tweezers in the electrical outlet, and countless other visits to the ER and surgeries. Full Circle I tell you, Full Circe!

Our family of 3
5 Generation Picture
My cousin Harrison and I
I love my Nana
Napping with my Aunt BeanaAunt Shana and BFF Brooklyn love me!

Being the nosey neighbor
Entertaining myself so mommy can take care of business around the house
Making Silly Faces (one of 10,000)
If Tata's gonna buy me a horse, I better get used to wearing boots!

I love bath time
Ready for bed

The A.J, M.D Update

Addi had her 2nd visit with her pediatrician. Unfortunately this involved getting some shots (boohoohoo), but here are the game stats!

Birth: 7 lbs, 19 1/2"
Now: 11 lbs 11 ounces, 23 1/2"

We are happy to report our princess is as healthy as can be!

*Yes, Snoopy came with us to the drs, she loves that little guy and it kept her occupied while the wrath of anti virus intruded on 3 minutes of her new and blessed life.

The Realization

Here we are 1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days after Addi Jae made her big entrance...clearly she continues to make her presence known. Regardless of how adorable the above pictures are, the fact remains, life as we knew it will never be the same. Por ejemplo (for example), my nightstand which used to be stylized with candles and a few designer frames, now looks like this:
On another note, I am very lucky to have a husband that brings me a latte in bed in the morning, but the fact that he used a nursing pad as a coaster on this particular day, well...
-In case you were wondering, I totally drank my latte, asked for another one, and put the nursing pad right back in my bra. Pure and utter class my friends, pure unadulterated class ;)

Our Family

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity

Colossians 3:14