That's right you guessed it, Addison made her first visit to Nana and Tata's in El Centro. El Centro is a magical place, where dreams of lollipops and sugar plums are put to rest by the reality of the odoriferous manure that permeates every inch of your nasal passages and drab dessert landscape that pains the eye; all in all, it's home and my husband has no qualms of indulging my desires for "old home week" as long as he is guaranteed visits to Mexicali Taco, Burgers and Beer, and Camacho's.

It started off as a surprise for my mom who has been having Addi withdrawals since she left after she was born (thinking she would not see her until Christmas). It turns out my brother (who is in the Air Force and we had not seen since our family trip to Montana in June) and his wife, had the same plans to surprise us by meeting us there.

God thank you for our family!

(Missy visited us back in the O.C, but she belongs in any post about El Centro...hee!)