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Our Baby is on 'Roids

Technically, this is true! After going into Pre-Term labor at 26 weeks, I was given a sequence of steroid shots to help speed up lung and brain development: apparently the other side to the shots of steroids is that she was born with Super_Human Baby Powers, as in holds her head up on her own, can rip out of her hermetically-sealed swaddle and over onto her stomach during the night, all while disassembling her "body positioner" and sending her mother into panic mode (see photos, of course, after picking her up out of her cradle she had that face for me, Lord help us when she moves into her crib).

P.S Take note: she is also a yoga master (see downward facing dog yoga pose), yes she actually lifted her lower body up with her legs and held the pose for several seconds.

I hope she does not have dreams of being an Olympic athlete (darn Olympic Commissioners), they will end a-la Marion Jones, sorry honey...we had no choice but to give you the "juice"!

In Pictures

The princess has arrived!

Addison Jae Garcia
November 20, 2008
born at 3:10 pm
7 lbs, 19 1/2"

The complete "baby story" to follow in the next few days! Thank you for all your prayers and support!

As if the idea of parenting is not scary enough, Danny decides he would surprise me by recording a documentary on Feral Children for me to find on our lovely DVR, as a joke I'm sure. Of course I start to watch it because my interest is piqued and was reminded of similar flicks I had to watch in several of my Psychology courses in college: totally different meaning now. Back then I could analyze all of the developmental effects that take place, this time, all I did was cry (hormones I'm sure), but soooo not cool!

I will now be recording every episode of Paula's Home Cooking that airs, play them back around dinner time and then make him a cold turkey sandwich for dinner, and not her delectable delights...sweet revenge!

Update: Check this out: Humanity sucks! (I will not be watching any Huskers game until this is resolved).

Guess what?! It is true! If she causes him to lose the B.J Penn fight on the 31st, he's off my list of "Greatest Athletes of the World".

P.S. Danny says I need to start hoping BJ Penn starts dating Ruby. (he can be soooooo wrong

The Nancy Botwin

For those of you unfamiliar with the TV show Weeds, let me break it down for you, Nancy Botwin is a mother who deals "weed" to everyone and anyone in her "Coto De Caza-ish" hood named Agrestic, which then became Majestic, and then later burned to the ground (just rent it, this post is not a primer of the show).

Anywhoo! I was reading about things to aid in the labor process and was referred to Raspberry Leaf Tea, and figured it's worth a shot; so I finish up my appointment at the hospital and headed over to my trusty Vita-Guru (seriously this guy can tell everything about you...almost just by looking at you) at GMP Vitamins to pick some up. After chatting for a bit, since I find him super fascinating, I buy a brick, I mean pound, of the stuff. Instead of wrapping it up in some nice Tea Bag (haha...forgive) he gives it to me in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. I didn't think anything of it at all, I mean after all, a pound was only 5 bucks, why would I expect a cool bag.

He then said hey, let me show you this new thing I discovered, so we walked towards his office near the back of the store (which is the size of your typical strip mall GNC perhaps) and he explained all about it (click on hyperlink if you're piqued, note: I will be hosting a spit party for sure). I say my goodbye after a brief chat about the benefits of assessing one's DNA and proceed to walk out of the doorway of the office.

(enter old lady through front door, walking down the aisle towards me)

As I walk out, I go to stuff the bag of tea in my purse, as I pass her I get the dirtiest look I have ever received from any old crotchety woman in my life (and I have met many). She then sighs and proceeds to turn around and walk right out the front door she just walked through. I get in my car and begin to wonder what in the world that look could have been about...then it hit me:

She must watch Weeds, and I must be Nancy Botwin! Good thing she didn't see "THUG LIFE" tattooed across my ever-growing 9 month pregnant physique!

UPDATE: I guess the old hag had reason; Danny just walked in from work and said "Honey, why is there a big bag of weed on the counter?"

UPDATE (11/25/08): Apparently this stuff (Raspberry Leaf Tea) works, 3 pushes and she was out!

The T.O.B.P

I am suffering from "Tired of Being Pregnant" syndrome!! This feels like it should be the longest pregnancy in the history books. I feel horrible for complaining as there are so many woman who have fared much worse or those who have not been blessed with having children, but seriously...this sucks!

I have been having contractions for almost a month now, still having to pay the hospital for bi-weekly fetal non-stress tests (some days they bill the insurance $1100.00 to strap me up for half an hour and send me on my way, and on other days give me numerous shots in my arm to stop contractions and then bill the insurance $2000.00 and still send me on my way).

I'm no longer having dreams of Chocolate Fudge ice cream from B&R or sugarplum fairies, they're being drowned by yearnings for Pitocin and a widened cervix. Gag!

Thankfully I can always count on friends to put things into perspective for me:

"Apparently our wombs are nice, cushy, and warm. Free food, free rent, free transportation...would you come out?" - The Boss Lady

I guess I should be grateful that with such luxurious accommodations, Danny isn't trying to find a way in as well.

Our Family

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Colossians 3:14