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The Tag

So lately I've been out of the blogroll loop...turns out this tagging thing is going on, and well our blog has been tagged.

7 Things people might not know about me:

1) I fear death, not the actual dying part, but the part about not understanding "eternity". That concept is a little difficult for me to understand and perhaps I'm not supposed to, but the idea scares the crap out of me.

2) I love to have my hair played with...I go into a total trance.

3) I never thought about being a mother, until I met my husband. I've heard that every girl dreams of having a family and so on and so forth, I never really did. When I met Danny and got to know who he is, what he stands for, and how he makes me feel, that all changed.

4) I miss not having my brother at my disposal. Sounds bad, but I guess I've just always been used to having him around and this past year has been kind of difficult.
Update: They just stationed him in Phoenix, much closer...yay!

5) I hate body hair. I don't mean dislike, or prefer not, I mean absolutely despise any kind of body hair. I find no reason for it. Although those hairless dogs (look like giant rats, would never be welcome in our home either...scary!)

6) I am obsessed with reality TV.

7) Over-sharers make me very uncomfortable. For some reason since I was a little kid, people would spill their heart and soul to me. As a kid not such a big deal, I mean "I think Ricky is cute" or "Sarah picks her butt at recess" didn't send me running for the hills. Now being older and people's issues being much more complex, I find myself totally flabbergasted by things some people are willing to share. If they were paying me, perhaps I wouldn't be so inclined to pull out the crazy card, but the fact of the matter remains, I'm not licensed nor do I get paid to hear or dispense advice about your extra-marital affairs, uncanny bathroom habits, past debacles, or your uncle who dresses up in women's lingerie and walks his iguana down the street at night in his wife's heels.

I must admit I watch The View, not for any other reason than I think they are all very different individuals and well...Joy Behar cracks me up! As of late, the past three or four weeks, I have this urging desire to jump through our wall sized plasma and beat the living tar out of Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The only thing keeping me from doing it is actual logistics and that in the "MANual of Marriage" (assuming there is one) destroying a prized electronic possession are grounds for divorce, and well I happen to love my husband.

This is the non-organic beef I have with her: Everyone can and should have their own political opinion this "politricap" filled election season, but why argue for the sake of arguing. I understand that she is a right wing conservative...I share a lot of the same ideology, but I would like to think that I'm a little more intelligent in that I'm not going to say that everything any Republican does, says, or promises is correct. Just because they have a big fat ass elephant on their lapel doesn't mean they were sent by God to rid of us our wrongs or fight the good fight. This chick seriously will argue that John McCain is God's gift to Earth and that Obama is the face of Satan upon his return to no end, regardless of how stupid she looks or sounds, or what misinformation she is spewing from her lips.

For someone to fully understand the whole spectrum of a topic you have to be able to first off listen to both sides, analyze, then make an educated decision; if you don't care to do this, please don't waste our time; if I wanted to watch crazed behavior...well daytime has Springer for that!

Watching and listening to you, makes my brain bleed: Hasselbeck, you're On Notice!

I might not care if I wasn't home to have to deal with the lull of quality programming, but I am, and broadcast TV sucks, not even the 20+ hours recorded on the DVR is helping. Everyone by now has to know half of LA is on fire: it's been on the news for the past 24+ hours. If I have to watch any more water being spilled on houses instead of my "regularly scheduled programming" I'm gonna scream! I do feel for those losing homes, those who have lost lives, and those risking their lives to stop the spread of the fuego, but seriously...why the never-ending broadcast. Scroll a ticker-tape at the bottom of the screen, this Garcia needs some entertainment!

I have resorted to watching the National Scrabble tournament (ironically on ESPN2) and the Food Network (which I don't normally mind but for some reason, every episode of every different show is showcasing salads...something this pregnant and ever ballooning lady is certainly NOT interested in (even Paula Deen, queen of the "NOT LEAN" is failing me).

On another note, bed rest is not so much rest, it takes a lot of work to not lose one's mind, especially after a lovely weekend of basking in the sun/sand for three days with the hubby: yes clearly this is "modified" bed rest, emphasis on the M word!

ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS,'re all On Notice!!

Yum!!! Gelato and Korean Shaved Ice!! yes Please!!

Being that both of our families are so huge, unfortunately a lot of events have to be split up and done at two different times on two different days. Here's shower #2 (I'll post pics of shower #1 as soon as I get them). I enjoyed a break from bed rest and was very grateful to Steff (my sis-in law) and Peggy for hosting such a beautiful event.

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Colossians 3:14