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Pedro Perfecto

Yes, I have lagged majorly on blogging. I have NO excuses as I am now into week 3 of my doctor mandated maternity bed rest, only 10 more weeks to go. Aye Caramba. I just have not been inspired. Frankly this lack of inspiration comes from the following (in no particular order):

New York Goes to Hollywood (this is not ghetto enough for my liking, I want hair pulling, name calling, ghetto goddess New York...not "Tiffany"...but I still watch)
Fiddler on the Roof (3X)
Project Runway (every re-run)
From G's to Gents
The View (yes, I'm guilty)
Paris When it Sizzles
My Fair Lady
Lady Sings the Blues
Notting Hill (2X)
Top Design (I blame them in particular for our dining room now being a dark shade of burnt orange)
The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Four Weddings and a Funeral (oh Hugh...luckily my hubby looks like him, in a weird more manly kind of way)
Peter Perfect (he looks like Peter Pan and Austin Powers' love-child)
Oprah (why are there commercials every 5 minutes...oh that's right this is how she became one of the Earth's wealthiest women)

As you can see clearly, I have had no time to blog and have succumbed to the mind numbing mellow drama that is television; once the ankle bracelet is off and I've been paroled by my M.D, am I going to need a 12 step program??!!

My next week's project: getting hooked on tele-novelas...Nana Pancha style!

Wasting Time

Here's a new golden find:

Nevermind the lyrics, love the beat though :)

Never tell your wife...

...she has free range in picking you out a snack box (my brother made this very big mistake)...looks like he might have been better off doing it! I must say though, he does look pretty snazzy in his flight suit and his pink hello kitty lunch box! Good job Michelle!

Okay so for those that don't know or would like the update. Addison and I are still in the hospital and she is still baking in my belly, thank God. They were able to stop the contractions and bleeding and we are now just pawns in the waiting game of pregnancy to see if I get to go home soon, or if I'll be changing my address for the next month, and if Danny will need back surgery after the "bed" he's been having to sleep in the past couple of nights. Addison has received two doses of steroids to speed along organ growth, although they say she is one of the most reactive babies they've seen, which is very promising, but at only 2 lbs 9 ozs, we want her to get a little more meat on her cutie little bones! We went from a possible emergency early cesarean to waiting, and we'll take the waiting any day. We're all super excited to meet her but like Danny told her she needs to be patient and take it easy in there!

Things I've learned while I've been here:

1) I have the most amazing husband in the world
2) I have the most loving husband in the universe
3) I have the best husband God has ever created
4) God is great!

That is all! Hasta Luego! Hugs and Kisses!
La Familia Garcia

Some explanation:

In the beginning, the tech is showing that indeed, Addison has two X Chromosomes!

At one point she points out that she believes some of the umbilical cord is in front of her face, causing some blurring, she confirms this by checking the blood flow chart (colored flashing areas).

Later she shows us that Addison's head is totally bald (Surprise! Surprise)

In another area she points out that you can see a blur entering Addison's mouth and nose (she is ingesting the fluid) apparently babies do this all day, every day. They recycle all the fluid through their system every 24 hours)

We thank God every day for her playful and active personality that is already visible. Well I can't say I thank God every minute of every day, as I would like some rest :)

Our Family

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Colossians 3:14