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The end is here, the Olympics are over! To all the sleep deprived who diligently cheered on our athletes as they were awarded the most medals of any single Olympics...congrats, we did it!

Now lets get some sleep!

These are from last week (she was facing my back pretty much the whole time, so a little "Downward Facing Dog" and Danny's singing and kisses did the trick to get her to move). More to come next weekend:


(sleeping like her mom)

(look for the scary skeletor looking eyes...she was opening and closing them. She smiles in her sleep, no words can explain how cute this was to see. She's non-stop like me, then crashes out like daddy)

Dead Beat Dad?

The questions has been asked by many: Where is Michael Phelps' dad? You can find the answer here

Clearly he must have someone else's physique:

R.I.P LeRoi Moore

It's a sad day for DMB, family, friends and fans across the globe!

On June 30, Moore crashed his ATV on his farm outside Charlottesville, Va., but was discharged and returned to his Los Angeles home to begin physical therapy. Complications forced him back to the hospital on July 17.

LeRoi died Tuesday of complications from injuries he suffered in the ATV accident. He was 46. The band went on with its show Tuesday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where lead singer Dave Matthews dedicated the entire show to Moore.

Seeing this site outside of the "Happiest Place on Earth" could seriously damage young impressionable children; apparently some Disney employees are on strike and have been arrested!

One of my newest and most comedic finds in the:
"" world!

(Brooklyn Mezzanatto - age 2, Rock Band extraordinaire)

Thank you Pat Forde-

By the time China arrived on the stadium floor during the athlete procession of Friday's Opening Ceremony, we already had seen plenty of high fashion and low comedy from the 203 preceding nations.

I have plenty to report on the athlete attire and etiquette from the walk-in. Among my findings:

Cell phones and bright green crocs need to be banned from the Opening Ceremony dress list.

• Cell phones have taken over the world.

Athletes long have been bringing digital recorders and cameras with them into the stadium for the Opening Ceremony, and that's fine. They deserve the chance to record the proudest moment of their athletic lives, the day when they all are medalists at heart.

But the phone chatter on the walk in is just obnoxious. I counted nine athletes who came in with phones pressed to their ears -- including Spanish basketball star Pau Gasol. Can't we go three hours without talking on the phone, people?

And then there was the Senegalese guy who had his iPod buds in his ears. Dude.

• White is the new black.

Athletes from dozens of countries wore white pants and white shoes. Many of them wore all-white suits, going John Travolta/Colonel Sanders on us. Among them: Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Argentina.

• You can't take some people anywhere.

Like the Austrian who put red and silver glitter all over his bald head. Or the Chilean flag-bearer in chaps and spurs.

• The 10 sharpest-dressed teams:

1. Netherlands. Gray suits with orange ties and cool, two-tone shoes.

2. Antigua and Barbuda. Sharp plaid vests and ties with white shirts.

3. Saint Kitts and Nevis women. Sundresses in the flag's colors.

4. Gabon men. Argylish green-and-blue shirts.

5. Italy. Gray suit coats, black ties and snazzy silver shoes. That didn't keep them from marching in total chaos, all over the place, to the consternation of the orderly Chinese folks overseeing the procession.

6. Botswana. Nice powder-blue-and-black suit ensemble.

7. Tunisia. Blue blazers, lavender shirts and ties. Strong.

8. Latvia. White pants, lavender coats. Well done.

9. Ukraine men. Blue-and-yellow ensemble. Women get a demerit for bad yellow ankle socks and iffy shoes.

10. Egypt. Nice suit coats. Gotta be the cotton.

• The 10 worst-dressed teams:

1. Denmark. Jean shorts. JEAN SHORTS?! This isn't Gainesville, Fla.; this is the Olympics.

2. South Africa. Committed the unpardonable offense of outfitting everyone in green crocs.

3. Spain. Bright red suits with bright red shoes. The shoes were criminal.

4. Canada. The Canadians usually are among the best dressed, so the penalty for showing up in bad pseudo-sweat suits is extra.

5. Kazakhstan. The women wore sashes that said "Kazakhstan," like it was a beauty pageant. The guys looked pretty cool. Nice white cowboy hats.

5. Switzerland. I cannot stay neutral on these outfits. BAD shorts with suit coats.

6. Australia. Say it again: sweat jacket-ish things that looked like they were purchased at a yard sale.

7. Belgium. Love your beer, hate your men's outfits. Horrific tan suits with red T-shirts.

8. Ecuador. Looked vaguely like a NASCAR driver's jump suit.

9. British Virgin Islands. One guy in jeans, another in black pants, three others in khakis.

10. Somalia. The men rocked some sweet sky-blue suits -- and then along came one dude in a white T-shirt and shorts, as if he slipped in off the street right before the group walked through the tunnel and onto the stadium floor.

The Olympics are here, which means the NBC logo will most likely be burned into our plasma by the end of the month. Oh well, it's for a good cause: Nationalism!

Broadway Brett!

Brett Favre is now a New York Jet! Hopefully this isn't a Joe Montana move :(

Someone asked me how to spell the word "receive" today. I answered, stupidly..."I before E except after C", like a mimicking school child after having been taught the rhyme by their teacher. After, I went through this long sordid explanation about why, later only to then admit that I was WAY wrong...not about the spelling, but about this useless rhyme and subsequently useless rule!

I guess the rule covers most of the bases: "thief," "grief," "believe," "relieve," etc., or (after "c") "receive," "ceiling," "conceit," etc. This rule, essentially applies to "ie" or "ei" which have an "ee" (long e) sound. Others (ay or other sounds) are usually spelled "ei." Just to cause you grief!

* beige
* feint
* feisty
* foreign
* forfeit
* heifer
* height
* heir
* heist
* neighbor
* reign
* rein
* seismometer
* their
* veil
* vein
* weigh (weight)

Then there are quite a few exceptions ("ee" sound, but spelled "ei"):

* codeine
* either
* leisure
* neither
* seize
* weird

I give up, I'm putting Merriam, and Webster for that matter, ON NOTICE!

In the 20,000 years or so that humans have been getting piss-drunk, no spirit has earned a worse rap than absinthe. Said to turn mild-mannered imbibers into raving maniacs, it was banned in the US and much of Europe in the early 1900s. (Remember Van Gogh's ear incident? Some scholars blame the green fairy.) The chemical culprit was thujone, a toxic compound found in the crushed flowers and leaves of absinthe's key ingredient, wormwood. Or so we thought, (scientific info here)

Despite has become somewhat legal in the U.S: To date, there are four brands on US shelves: Lucid (Breaux's formula), Kuebler, Green Moon, and St. George Absinthe Verte.

Why is this important?
It's not, but I thought since it is absinthe's anniversary, I'd share and perhaps whoever "borrowed" the bottle I brought back from Europe a couple of years ago might fess up and/or replace it, being that it's officially legal now :)

Has worked for my parents, and it works for us ;)

P.S. How handsome is my husband?! This "Best Man" will always be the best man to me!

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