The later, I have not at this point (hence the Venti Soy Chai Latte sitting on my desk). Danny and I, accompanied by Mat and Steff (Mat coincidently won tickets on KROQ) attended the Coldplay concert at the Forum where our socks were definitely rocked off; Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin, and Guy Berryman, each in their very own ways. True to form Chris Martin put on an electric show, filled with massive bursts of wily energy and invitations to the crowd to showcase our own harmony throughout the night, p.s...they actually make it work, unlike many bands!

To kick things off was a DJ (7:30pm)(displaying the most disturbing imagery I have ever seen), I won't even bother to give it a longer review than two words: never again! Shearwater (8:30pm)followed, whom for all intents and purposes I had no knowledge of (apparently they're a YouTube sensation); half the crowd must have not been familiar with them as well, as it erupted in cheers when Jonathan Meiburg (lead singer) announced it would be their last song...I suppose it could have just been impatience for the headliners, who finally graced us with their musical genius at 9:25pm. Personally, I thought Shearwater sounded like a bad generic version of Arcade Fire sans the violin, viola, cello, double bass, xylophone, French horn, accordion, hurdy gurdy, harp and mandolin.

Back to why you're reading this: Coldplay. I think the set-list needed a little tweaking, though mostly due to my own personal preferences:

Life in Technicolor
Violet Hill
A Rush of Blood to the Head
Viva la Vida
The Scientist
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Square One
Speed of Sound
Strawberry Swing
Death Will Never Conquer
I'll Fix You
Lovers in Japan
Reign of Love

Death and All His Friends

*I must admit, though Coldplay to me is pretty much infallible, I did miss hearing Til Kingdom Come (one of our wedding songs and the song Danny declared would always be "our song" back in 2006, and Talk (a personal fav)*

The set started off seemingly simple "Viva La Vida" album cover as a backdrop and a giant globe center crowd that projected live images in a vignette type edit to the whole crowd. Soon this globe was multiplied by 4, as well as two side stages that brought the action much closer to us, as well as a hidden stage up in Section 6 of the Colonnade (performed 'yellow').

Coldplay once again lived up to all my expectations and then some!! Had I not sold our second pair of tix for tonight, we would certainly be off to Inglewood again (despite the fact that those bullet proof food-passers at the drive-thru fast food restaurants give me a reality check that I don't really want or need)! I guess doing a show in Las Flores or Sunny Hills might not drive the same attention as the GW Forum.

Coldplay Rating: A+
Venue: C (B for size, B for acoustics, D for the lack of restrooms (worse lines than the Foo Fighters show)

All in all: AMAZING!